Shades of Green For Your Wedding

Currently everyone is conscious of the trend “go green” and avoid pillaging the planet, but what exactly does that mean when it comes to planning your wedding? Actually, you can do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with to be ecologically sensitive when making your wedding plans. Thus, there are “shades” of green, all of which are to be commended.


Candy Buffets and Sweets Tables

I was recently contacted by a mother of a bride I’m working with who was puzzled when her daughter mentioned that she’d like a “candy bar” at her wedding reception. She was thinking, “What—Snickers or Milky Ways instead of the traditional mints or Jordan almonds?”

I explained that she should picture a salad bar that one might see at a restaurant, but in place of the lettuce and veggies on display, the table would be loaded with different varieties of candy.

Candy buffets and sweets tables are one of the latest trends at wedding receptions or other parties where there will be a number of guests. They provide an activity and a party favor all in one. A fun aspect is that guests can select as much or as little of any of the candies offered, without hurting anyone’s feelings if they choose to ignore something all together. (I personally boycott black licorice every time.)