1. The biggest error that I see involves the budget for the wedding, and not having a realistic picture of what can be accomplished with the funds on hand. It’s not the most romantic (or fun) part of the planning process, but paying off the expenses after the fact isn’t much fun either. We’ve all heard the expression “champagne taste on a beer budget”, and while it may not be possible to host a lavish reception for ALL of your friends and relatives, it is possible to treat a few of them lavishly, or all of them on a lesser scale of elegance.

2. Another pitfall that many brides step into is when they don’t realize how much time it will take to actually make all of the arrangements. It’s been said that putting a wedding and reception together can become a 2nd full time job. Don’t be overwhelmed. Get started early (right after you’ve figured out that pesky budget) and keep at the “to do” list so that you don’t turn into Bridezilla as the day draws near.

3. While it may seem efficient to do all of your research on line and hire vendors after checking their websites, it’s a much better idea to interview them in person and establish a rapport ahead of time.

4. Last, but far from least—Don’t let the plans become all you talk about with your girlfriends and your groom. Schedule times when wedding business needs to be done AND schedule times when matrimony discussions are strictly off limits. You’ll be glad you did.