Alice Goetschel, the founder of Memorable Occasions by Alice, has always loved weddings and everything about them. Back in, the day when she was growing up and white gloves were essential, the only wedding planners were also known as “mothers of the bride”. There was also a lady at the church who ran the rehearsal and sent the bridesmaids down the aisle.

After graduating from college she was a bridesmaid herself several times and she realized that there was a need for someone other than one of the bride’s family to oversee the planning and coordination of the day…someone who was not so emotionally involved that they overlooked things and were so busy that they couldn’t enjoy spending time with their guests.

Never knowing that being a wedding planner could be a viable profession, she set her sights on becoming a kindergarten teacher and in the meantime asked every bride she knew if they would like her to help them in any way.

Then one day, she serendipitously received a catalog offering a University extension course called “Become a Wedding Consultant”. “WOW!” She said, “That’s just what I need.” Upon completion of the course, she founded her company which was originally known as Alice Weddings & Festive Occasions.

“Alice proved to be one of the most valuable professionals involved in our wedding planning, wedding day and continues to be even after the event. Her experience and knowledge helped in every aspect. She is a wonderful asset when you want your wedding to be special and memorable.”

– Ruthi McCullah, Mother of the Bride


Since then Alice has been planning weddings, showers, anniversaries, quinceaneras and birthday celebrations for over 15 years. She’s a member of the International Association of Bridal Consultants, as well as the International Special Events Society (ISES) and has earned the designation of CERTIFIED SPECIAL EVENT PLANNER or CSEP.

Because teaching is engrained in Alice, she is now teaching an online course at for those who would like to plan weddings professionally. She has also taught wedding planning classes and coauthored a book, THE SIMPLY ELEGANT WEDDING PLANNER to help brides get started on the right foot.

But the MOST important thing that you need to know about Alice is that she just loves weddings and is looking forward to helping you with yours, keeping you relaxed and worry free all the way from, “Yes” to, “I do”.