When a bride is not getting married at home (or someone else’s home) she should have an emergency kit with all the essentials at the ready just in case she:

A) breaks a nail

B) steps on her dress

C) starts to faint …and the list goes on and on.

Here’s a list of some of the things I carry to every wedding so that the bride can relax, knowing that unexpected surprises will be taken care of:

1. Scissors – you may need to trim a loose thread
2. Smelling salts – someone may get woozy
3. Safety pins of various sizes – a seam may come loose, or whatever
4. Scotch Tape – for taping up signs, and dozens of other stiuations
5. Dress tape – for keeping clothing secure when a safety pin won’t do the job right
6. Lint roller – picks off the lint & souvenirs donated by your cat
7. Breath mints – you’ll be up close and personal with lots of people
8. Tylenol or Advil – all the excitement may bring on a headache
9. Tissues – a few tears of joy may be shed on this emotional day
10. Band aids – you might dance yourself into a blister
11. Sewing kit – in case a button falls off right before the
12. Dryer sheets – they’re great for dealing with static cling
13. Pen and small notepad – to get a message to someone who’s
14. Bobby pins of various shades – to keep everyone’s hair
looking flawless
15. Corsage pins – can secure more than just flowers in place

So make sure you are prepared in advance.  If you partner with a seasoned Wedding Planner like me…no worries!

Happy Planning,